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Welcome to The Women In My World (TWIMW), a dynamic non-profit organization founded in 2010 and officially established as a nonprofit in 2021. Our core focus is on developing, empowering, influencing, educating, and providing valuable opportunities for Christian women.

Our mission is centered around empowering women to embrace, embody, and promote the values of a Christ-follower in both their personal lives and careers. At TWIMW, we are dedicated to fostering a strong foundation of faith, integrity, and a robust work ethic. We aim to cultivate women leaders in the entertainment and media industry, actively shaping our culture for Christ through the impactful art of storytelling.

Introducing our exclusive award, designed to further education and open doors for women to influence future generations. We seek women who are not only committed to their personal faith journey but are also dedicated to being leaders in their respective fields, driving positive change, and fostering a sense of community.

Our awardees are encouraged to uphold the principles of “putting God first” and “paying it forward.” We believe in the power of mentorship and the profound impact it has on shaping the lives of young individuals. Through this award, we aim to instill a sense of responsibility among Christians to showcase these exemplary values in their daily lives.

To apply, we invite you to create a compelling video outlining the specifics of your grant request, demonstrating the need for support, and articulating your unique calling. Share how you plan to utilize this award to further your mission and contribute to shaping our culture for Christ. In addition, please include 3 references from someone outside your family – a pastor, women’s leader, a coach, or employer.

Join TWIMW in our commitment to empowering Christian women to make a lasting impact through faith, leadership, and storytelling. Apply today and be part of a vibrant community dedicated to making a difference in the world.


You must complete this application in its entirety to be eligible for this award.

Eligibility: Anyone who needs funding to further their education or career as a Christian woman in the entertainment industry. Scholarship submissions & awards are on-going.


Max. file size: 2 GB.

Please have your 3 reference letters emailed to

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