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Every girl has a secret she hopes the light will never find – but the demons already have.

Four girls. Four sets of secrets. Four searching for answers.

Mackenzie is the shy, awkward new girl at school, depressed and desperate for a real friend. When she stumbles upon the deepest secret of a sarcastic, angry-at-the-world track star, Krystal, they become instant enemies-especially about the flirtatious baseball player, Bryce.

Tammi, a gloomy singer/musician who couldn’t care less about what others think of her, meets Sadie, a dancer and a people-pleaser with a cotton candy disposition. They have nothing in common until their lives begin to collide in more ways than one.

As the girls’ worlds begin to converge, their secrets rather than their similarities draw them together. Meanwhile, all that’s kept hidden has left them vulnerable to a battle in an invisible realm where demonic creatures fight to keep the girls chained to their pasts while angels of light work to free them.Can good ever come from evil? Can beauty ever arise from ashes?

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In Loving Memory of

One of The Women In My World:

Beckie Lindsey

“It is my greatest desire to stand before Jesus with every ounce of any gift, talent, and energy that He gave me, all used up in service to Him. Until then… ‘This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it!’”

The first time I (Shari Rigby) had the pleasure of meeting Beckie Lindsey was during an interview for faith-based movies. The moment we got on the phone and started to share about our lives, loves, and dreams, we both knew we were going to be friends. There’s something about meeting a sister in Christ and knowing that the Lord has connected you for a reason. Beckie and I continued to encourage one another via text and social media.

Then one day she reached out about the book series she wrote, Beauties from Ashes, and asked if she could send it to me. Of course I was honored and thrilled to receive the powerful supernatural drama. I shared the book series with the Beautifully Flawed Production team and the rest is history. Beautifully Flawed Productions is working tirelessly to create the materials to bring awareness to the series and take it out to pitch to studios.

Beckie is an inspiration and continues to shine bright in each one of our lives! Read her tribute article here.

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This young adult spiritual warfare series, Beauties from Ashes, was acquired by Beautifully Flawed Productions. Stay connected on exciting plans for this project – and many others with The Women In My World!

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